LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Drain the local Republican Swamp

I’ve been keeping up with the controversy regarding the Republican County Chair.

Apparently, we don’t just need a new County Chair, we also need new Precinct Chairs.

If precinct chairs won’t let us vote, then they leave us only one choice. Campaign against them.

Time to elect an executive board that actually represents the citizens of Ector County!

The Ector County Republican Party has overplayed their hand. We don’t like being told we can’t vote.

No one in Odessa is ok with this. This is wrong and we all know it. Ronnie Lewis has asked for a public discussion. Not one person in the Ector County Republican Party has agreed to sit down with him. Are they scared?

Ector County wants to know “Why can’t we vote?”. How can you keep an entire county from voting? And don’t tell us it’s a law. You got away with that for a while, but now we know you can vote to opt out.

Until we are allowed to vote for County Chair, I will never support local candidates “Endorsed by the Ector County Republican Party”.

It’s time to drain the swamp at the Ector County Republican Party.

David W. Garza