It’s common knowledge that the Ector County Republican Party may opt out of a law that silences the voters, so why won’t they let us vote for Republican County Chair?

Why is an appointed precinct chair telling me “I can’t vote”. These precinct chairs don’t trust our judgment for County Chair. These are the same precinct chairs that supported Casey Gray in an election Brooks Landgraf won in a landslide. Well, I don’t trust their judgment.

I can’t even believe this is an issue. I knew we couldn’t trust politicians in Washington, but now we can’t even trust our own local Republican Party.

I have not spoken to one person that agrees with the ECRP on this issue. This controversy is not going away.

As long as the precinct chairs are silencing voters, I will not trust the Ector County Republican Party.

Ector County Republican Party it’s time to do what’s right. Let Ector County vote!

Jimmy Lee