Disability Services of the Southwest has data breach

SAN ANTONIO A HIPAA data breach occurred Sept. 28, 2022, relating to employees of DSSW, Inc.

They were informed on Oct. 3, 2022, that its website https://www.dsswtx.org experienced an intrusion. The site is operated by a third-party company, Internap Holding Inc., and it was the platform provider’s systems that experienced the intrusion.

The intruder or intruders placed ransomware on the platform provider’s servers, and by doing so may have gained access to our employees’ name, email, phone number, address and training history. To date, the investigation indicates the intrusion began Sept. 28, 2022, and ended on the same day. The platform provider’s Chief Information Security Officer initiated an incident response and was able to stop further attack, a news release said.

The platform provider has removed the malware from its systems and is actively monitoring the platform to safeguard personal information. They reviewed the affected website and database for indications of intrusion and found no additional information. They are reporting this breach to the appropriate authorities and ensuring all prospective, past and current employees know of this data breach so the increased awareness may help protect them and the community, the release said.

To protect yourself from the possibility of identity theft, we recommend you remain vigilant of any suspicious activity. To help you maintain a secure and safe digital presence, please consider the following baseline security tips to mitigate harm and prevent further breaches:

>> Use long and complex passwords.

>> Use two factor authentication as much as possible.

>> Do not reuse, discuss or share passwords.

>> Be careful to only click links in messages that you know are legitimate. Clicking links in emails and text messages can result in a ransomware attack.

>> Update all software regularly. This includes computers and mobile devices.

>> Talk to your friends and family about ways to improve your digital security

>> Find a mentor with experience in cyber security to help guide you in the process of securing your digital presence.

Please call 1-800-974-1362 any time during the next 90 days to receive more information or ask a question by leaving a voicemail to receive a callback.

DSSW is a nonprofit operating healthcare companies for disability service, home health and consumer directed services. Since 1993 DSSW has provided a foundation of support that enables individuals with disabilities.