DEA El Paso Division announces new special agent in charge

EL PASO The Drug Enforcement Administration’s El Paso Division has a new Special Agent in Charge (SAC).

On Sept. 11, 2023, DEA Administrator Anne Milgram named Towanda R. Thorne-James as the new Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the El Paso Division, which serves New Mexico and West Texas. Thorne-James reported to El Paso in December 2023.

SAC Thorne-James began her law enforcement career in 1993 as a Police Officer with the Philadelphia Police Department and in 1998, joined the DEA. As the SAC of the El Paso Division, she is responsible for 50 counties in two states, covering a total of 159,284 square miles.

In addition to her current assignment, SAC Thorne-James has served the DEA at the New Orleans Division, Philadelphia Division, New Jersey Division, the Camden Resident Office, the Atlantic City Resident Office, the Belmopan Country Office (Central America), and DEA Headquarters Office of Inspections, located in Arlington, Va.. Her previous managerial roles have included Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Resident Agent in Charge, Group Supervisor, Acting Country Attaché, and Senior Inspector.

SAC Thorne-James is highly decorated and throughout her career has been the recipient of numerous national and DEA awards, to include the esteemed DEA Administrators Award of Valor, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association National Bravery Award, Women in Federal Law Enforcement Julie Y. Cross Award of Valor, and the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association Medal of Valor, to name a few.