TxDOT urges drivers to slow down and avoid distractions

Odessa District fatality numbers are sitting at 11 in the first 12 days of February. In 2023, our February fatalities were 8 for the entire month. TxDOT is urging everyone to do their part to “End the Streak” of deaths on local roadways.

A news release details that in the Midland-Odessa area, the top contributing factors of fatal crashes are:

  • Roadway and Lane Departure (40%)
  • Intersection Safety (33%)
  • Speed Related Crashes (30%)
  • Younger Drivers (24 years old or younger) account for 29% of all fatal or serious injury crashes

What can you do to keep from being a statistic?

  • Match your speed to road conditions, including bad weather and work zones
  • Allow for more distance to stop when traffic is heavy, or roads are slick
  • Watch for road signs alerting you of reduced speed limits ahead
  • Always buckle up—drivers and passengers—day and night
  • Use caution when trying to pass another vehicle
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go
  • Always give driving your full attention
  • Put your phone away, turn it off, or use an app or your phone settings to block texts and calls or send auto reply to texts while you are driving

Remember, fines double if you speed in a school zone or a work zone when crews are present.