Permian coach Carl Chancellor arrestedLongtime track coach charged with felony, misdemeanor

A longtime Permian High School girls’ track coach and health teacher was arrested in Midland Tuesday on charges of solicitation, a class B misdemeanor, and manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, a first-degree felony.
Permian Principal James Ramage said Coach Robert Wills will be the interim girls’ track coach.
Ector County Independent School District Public Information Officer Mike Adkins said Chancellor, 52, has been with the district since the 1991-92 school year.
Adkins said his salary is $58,500 a year and his total coaching stipends are $10,520.

City of Midland Public Information Officer Sara Bustilloz said the charge was solicitation of prostitution and the controlled substance was morphine. Bustilloz said the arrest occurred around 11 p.m. Tuesday as a result of an undercover sting set at a predetermined location.
There is no bond on the manufacturing/delivery charge and a $500 bond for solicitation of prostitution, a Midland County Jail spokesperson said.
“We’re still learning about this as you are,” Ramage said. “We’re all just shocked and kind of numb. He had been at Permian High School quite some time.”
Ramage said they heard rumors and reports of Chancellor’s arrest Wednesday morning.
Chief Human Resources Officer Keith Garinger said the next step is to meet with Chancellor about options and he will not report to Permian.
Adkins and Ramage said Chancellor will be placed on administrative leave with pay until the district has time to review the investigation, work with police detectives and other individuals.
“He was well respected here,” Ramage said. “I think that’s what’s so shocking. Well respected and well liked. It’s like a punch in the gut.”
Ramage said school officials will talk to the girls in the track program, their parents, the assistant coaches and fellow teachers. He said there are five or six assistant coaches that coach multiple events and some have expertise in specific areas like the 100-yard dash.
“The focus right now is to make sure we take care of our kids,” Ramage said.
After the police investigation is complete and the district’s subsequent investigation is done, the next course of action will be determined, the release said.