Nimitz Middle School Outstanding Students

Nimitz Middle School outstanding students for 2019 included Annabella Sanchez, Julio Pena and Cloey Haskins. Anabella, daughter of Larry and Carrie Sanchez, is in tennis, band, art and National Junior Honor Society and is an MCH junior volunteer. Her favorite teachers are Jessica Ginn, Tiffany Harris and Priscilla Torres. She won the eighth-grade citizenship award and won the principal’s award. Julio, son of Julio and Karla Pena, plays tennis and is in orchestra and AVID. He was named the seventh-grade principal’s award winner. His favorite teachers are Hugo Stierholz and Larry Sanchez and Erica Carter. Cloey, daughter of Jonathan and Heather Haskins, won the sixth-grade principal’s award. Her favorite teachers are Barry Edmondson and Annabelle Rochin.