LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Live life to the fullest

Life is very short and youth escapes as quickly as sand between your fingers. Old age comes silently, without warnings.
Living is a journey and for the most of us the road is no smooth and pleasant, but rocky and surrounded by sharp thorns that feed from our flesh leaving us full of spiritual scars; but somehow we keep going: Falling and standing up. Making mistakes and learning or not from them. Working to make a living while trying to raise a family.
Many of us succeed and many more end up trying to fix the broken pieces of our dreams.
All of a sudden we realize that we have arrived to the last phase of our journey; probably trying to be positive before the inevitable and thinking that the worse was already over; but we are so wrong: The worse is yet to come!
After long years of hard work we retire from our secular jobs to realize that society pushes us aside and we don’t count anymore because, at this point, we don’t have much to give. We are alone to face the uncertainties that lie ahead of us with little of your family loving presence and affection because they are too busy working, raising their family and living their own lives.
One thing is certain. We all go through the same life stages and nobody escapes old age, as long as he/she lives long enough. So, the ones that are young today will be old tomorrow.
Laugh and enjoy life while you can, because old age will be waiting for you!
Parents need not to forget that they are their childrens first teachers, which means that youngsters are learning from them.
Remember the dominoes effect? Your children, who are learning from your own actions will do the same to you as they see you doing to your parents and grandparents, and their children will do the same to them and so on.