BRASWELL: Catch your balance

By Dr. Jimmy Braswell

Chaplain, Home Hospice of Odessa

As the summer moves on and we all try to get our lives back to some resemblance of normal, we realize more how much has changed since we began fighting this pandemic.

Everything seems to be different and we are all grieving over the losses we have experienced — of people, of jobs, of opportunities, of our lives.

The elements of recovery include four tools — getting with people, going places, doing work, and a new attitude — determination to go forward.

One unique way of doing this is regular meeting with people in new places, and doing tasks and developing a new attitude.

This can be through coffee clubs, service clubs, churches, Bible study groups and recovery groups.

Our hospice will begin a series of grief recovery meetings called Grief Share beginning Aug. 24 through Nov. 16 — every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Home Hospice, 619 N. Grant Ave., Suite 120.

Park in the lot next to the mosaic of actors on the wall of the Old Rio Theater and enter through the side door.

To determine to do something about the tasks of grieving is the first step — decide to do something about returning to catching your balance.