MASTER GARDENERS: Tall and showy sunflower attracts variety of insects

By Debbie Roland and

Emmy Ulmschneider

Master Gardeners

Maximilian’s Sunflower is a showy plant, towering above other vegetation when blooming. It likes full sun and dry to medium conditions. It has distinctive folding leaves without as many teeth on the edges like other species of sunflowers.

This sunflower is a branching perennial reaching 2’ to 8’ in height. The tall stems and leaves, which can reach 12” long on large plants, are covered in rough hairs.

Maximilian’s Sunflower towers over other vegetation. (Courtesy Photo)

Maximilian’s Sunflower attracts a number of bees, butterflies, and moths.

This native sunflower spreads through rhizoms and may spread vigorously. It may need a larger area to grow than some flowering plants.

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