By Carl R. Murdock Odessa

I have become accustomed to seeing taxpayer money wasted but this time I have to speak out. Highway 554 from East Loop 338 to Gardendale was a really good road.

I drive it in my car routinely and also ride it often on my bicycle. This allowed me a very good look at this road. It was very smooth pavement with no cracks or potholes to see. They have now chipsealed this entire seven miles of good pavement. What genius decided this was a good expenditure of taxpayer money?

There are plenty of roads that have been chipsealed that do need fixing. Just look at Andrews Highway after they did it! It was a good road when they chipsealed it and now is a terrible road that they are constantly patching. The increased friction from car tires on rough chipseal cause it to come up in chunks and strips. Now we just get more road noise, wearing out of our tires sooner and lower gas mileage. Thanks a lot. Why are millions wasted on a project not needed?