LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tragedy could have been prevented

By Frances Rice, Odessa

I am writing about the recent murders done in a school in Florida. First, my heart is saddened over the many precious lives lost. Then I find I am angry over the actions of our trusted FBI. What kind of laws, rules or whatever it is called that keeps the FBI from looking into a report of pending murder as they let go in Florida last week.

Had they followed through on the report they got just in January this year. Then I wonder about the gun dealer. Even though the 18-year-old passed the check, he should have reported this to the proper people with the full record of his purchase. Just looks like someone was dragging their feet on this deal. Now everyone is screaming gun law. I ask you, if our FBI or our law enforcement doesn’t follow through on reports, what good is a new law?

I will say again, a gun will not kill until someone pulls the trigger. Just because someone decides to kill someone does not mean they are insane. A person with a desire to shoot someone or something means to me they are just plain mean and need to be removed from our streets and all reports checked and recorded on said person. I pray our FBI laws will be reworked so a report can be checked before a murder is committed in another school. Thank you.