LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote local control. Vote public education. Vote Kel Seliger

By Jonathan Seliger

After then-Governor Rick Perry first swore my dad in to the Texas Senate, he pulled my brother and me into his office to tell us something important. He told us, “Your dad is going to miss a few ballgames and family dinners, but he is doing this because he loves Texas, he loves west Texas, and he loves you guys too.” Perry’s message stuck with me during those ballgames and family dinners, and especially during the last few weeks of this campaign.

I am blessed to have grown up in west Texas, a place where folks know their communities — and how to govern them — better than special interest groups based in Austin.

I am blessed to have been raised in west Texas by two outstanding parents who supported my education in public schools where I was taught by some of the finest educators anywhere.

In addition, I am blessed to have been raised in a community that, among many things, is fiercely independent. Folks from the Permian Basin do not respond well to George Soros-style shell corporations like Empower Texans, Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Texas Right to Life deceiving them in order to influence elections. If a candidate is endorsed by any of these faux-conservative groups, then that candidate is opposed to local control and public education; these groups only endorse candidates they can control to push their agenda which is a threat to everyone in the Permian Basin.

Only one state senate candidate truly supports local control and public education and he cannot be bought. I am proud to say that candidate is my dad, Kel Seliger. I encourage you to cast your vote for him because he votes his district and he will never abandon public school teachers and students. It is time for the Permian Basin to strike back and send their conservative senator, Kel Seliger, back to Austin to continue fighting for them.