LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Learn your history before demands

By George Pitts Fort Stockton

Recently a liberal customer asked me to take down my rebel flag in front of my store in Fort Stockton. I’m a flag salesman. I’ll sell you the Cuban flag if you want it, but that doesn’t make me a communist.

I told him if I took the rebel flag down, next he would ask me to take down the Texas flag. (He probably feels that Travis, Bowie and Crockett were unfair to Santa Ana’s army.) Then he would ask me shortly to remove the Army flag. (He probably thinks Patton was unfair to the Nazis.) Then he would ask me to remove the Marine and the Navy flags. (He probably thinks the marines and the navy were unjust to the Japanese in the Pacific in World War II.) Then he would ask me to remove the American flag. (He probably thinks America was 100% wrong in its early history.)

He was adamant. He continued knocking my rebel flag. I again told him if I took it down, he would probably come in next week and ask me to remove 100% of my Chinese merchandise in my store because Red China is unfair to its workers.

Then if I cleaned out all of my merchandise and went on food stamps, next he would try to remove the Alamo in San Antonio. (The Texans were not sweet to the Mexican army.)

Then he would try to knock down or remove the San Jacinto monument near Houston because Sam Houston shot some poor Mexican soldiers during their siesta!

I asked him who freed the slaves. He didn’t know. I told him it was Lincoln, a Republican, the same party as Trump’s.

Liberals whine, complain, cry and criticize everything. They’re unhappy people. They don’t enjoy life. They are so caught up in the past they almost can’t function in the present.

Listen – I am not morally and legally responsible for what my ancestors did two hundred years ago!

What do you call a person who is so imprisoned by the past he can’t function in the present? You call him insane!

Paul the Apostle said, “forgetting those things that are behind.” Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow.

Thank you, you’re welcome.