LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxes are killing us all

By E. R. Edmondson Odessa

It is time to throw more tea in the Boston Harbor for taxed to death American citizens. We are slowly being taxed to death with little left over to pay for our actual needs. Let’s take a look at Ector County and not just the U.S. in general.

It seems to be that smart Texas school boards adhere to the old rule of paying off an existing school bond before taking on a second school bond. We did not do this the last time in Ector County. We still owed money on an old existing school bond when they ran through a new school bond. Have we paid off either of these existing bonds?

Now, they are wanting to pass another school bond after they botched up the last school bond. We could easily save money by reducing the huge salaries paid to the administrators in Ector County. I am sure that Mr. Crowe is not retiring at the end of this school year in August, but staying until December of 2018 so he can get another year’s salary. Retiring ECISD teachers, etc. have been doing this for years. Mr. Crowe was not supposed to have been appointed administrator of Ector County according to the original plan presented to the school board and those who attended that meeting a number of years ago.

How can we build more new schools when we cannot staff the schools we already have? Why did the administration reduce the salary of substitute teachers? Why did they take out incentives to teachers to be at school daily with a monetary reward?