LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How can more laws stop tragedy?

By Sandy Milner, Odessa

Once again, there is a tragic shooting. And, once again, the blood is not even dry before the Democrats are calling for more gun control laws. And, once again, I would like just one Democrats, or anyone else to explain to me how another law would have stopped this shooting.

There are about 22000 gun laws on the nation’s books now, and not one of them has stopped a shooting anywhere. Why do these idiots think that number 22001 will do it? Criminals do not obey laws. That’s why they are called criminals!

The anti-gunners call for stricter background checks, and that is one thing that could possibly be improved upon. But, Nicholas Cruz passed his background check, because the FBI really dropped the ball with him. If all the warnings about his mental state, and some of the things he is reported to have said about shooting people had been followed up on by authorities, and then placed in his official medical and psychological files, maybe he would not have passed a background check, and thus not have been able to buy a gun legally.

That is the crux of the problem. Too many whackos are not being identified as whackos because people don’t want to be seen as accusatory, or hateful, or intolerant, or whatever. And, the result is that a shooting takes place, then everyone comes forward and says that they all thought the shooter was weird. They share in the blame for the shooting.

All the demands for gun control after a shooting demonstrate the triumph of emotionalism over rationalism. Everybody wants something done in the heat of emotion. If they looked at it rationally, they would see that more laws are not the answer, since the laws we already have did not stop the crime from being committed. It has been illegal to murder someone since Biblical times, but murders have still been committed, ever since Biblical times.

The bottom line is that guns are not the problem. People are the problem!