LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Yes, compromise is a good thing

I was appalled at the tone and rhetoric of Dawn Tucker’s letter.

If anything, it was a clear statement of what is wrong in the country today and what will lead to our downfall if it continues. Her proud support of the TEA party wing of the Republican party and its making compromise a dirty word is the main reason why nothing gets done anymore in Washington and why I no longer consider myself a Republican.

I was surprised at her invoking Lincoln since he appointed Democrats to half of his cabinet with one objective in mind and that was to win the war. This attitude of “My way or the Highway” needs to stop.

When I took Civics when it was still taught in the schools back in the dark ages, compromise was good as it got things done. No one ever got everything they wanted, but no one was mad enough to start a rebellion. Back then, we were taught our allegiance was first to America, the greatest country; second, Texas the greatest state, and thirdly, where ever we lived was the best place to be.

As individuals we were taught that the order was God, family, job, and then political affiliation. As good citizens, we were to volunteer our time to worthy causes, run for public office if needed, and to vote. Doesn’t seem to be that way anymore and that is a shame.

I don’t know who the previous council members are that she is mad at but I don’t see any difference with those in office now and I certainly don’t know how being either a Republican or Democrat makes a difference at the local level.

Regardless of their affiliation as our city officials, they are responsible for providing fire and safety, utilities, roads, parks and recreations, getting any and all funding provided by the state and federal government since that is our money and we know better how to spend it than they do and working with the county to improve the lives of us all. Our only question should be, are they doing their job?

As we continue to grow and play an ever-larger part in providing the energy needed for our country, my prayer is that we will tone down the rhetoric and work together to make Odessa and Ector County the place to be.

Charles Cotten