GUEST VIEW: ECRP guilty of election interference

By Ronnie Lewis

I have been in a battle to persuade Ector County Republican Party County Chair Tisha Crow to prove she is electable and face an opponent for over a year. I’ve written and ranted in op-Ed’s, had many speaking engagements, and spoke with voters one on one. It’s my absolute belief along with all those I’ve spoken with that the Ector County Republican Party led by Tisha Crow is not a true representation of Republican voters in our County. Tisha Crow is hiding behind her handpicked precinct chairs that are intentionally misinterpreting the election code.

Donna Kelm has announced she wants on the ballot. Donna is considerably more qualified than Tisa Crow when she first volunteered for County Chair. There is absolutely no reason for Donna to be denied a place on the ballot.

Donna Kelm is in the process of asking for signatures from the appointed precinct chairs. She reached out to Ned Luscombe to ask to get on the ballot. Ned who lives in Gardendale and is unelected, spent an hour denying Donna and belittling her accomplishments and praising his puppet master Tisha Crow. Earlier in the week a Gardendale voter called Ned Luscombe and ask for Donna to be on the ballot and Ned spent 45 minutes praising Tisha and went on to say “we are getting the candidates we want elected”…..folks the “we” is not the Ector County Republicans the “we” is Ned, Tisha Crow and her handpicked Executive Committee. Gardendale voters Ned does not believe in your right to vote. In March you have the opportunity to vote for Jet Brown to replace Ned. Jet believes in the right to vote.

Just this week at the Ector County Republican Women’s luncheon where ECRW President Donna Kelm was announcing her bid for County Chair, I looked across the room and saw a smug Tisha Crow sitting with her puppet Ned Luscombe. My passion got the best of me and I stood up walked across the room and took the floor. I blurted out “who in this room does not love their God given right to vote for our leaders”….. no one raised their hand, I looked over at Ned Luscombe, he was defiant and I firmly and loudly said Ned knows Donna is qualified and that Ned could put Donna on the ballot. Ned remained defiant and spoke out “no no”. There is a video of this on my Facebook page…..go see for yourself.

After the luncheon I was informed that Tisha Crow had the audacity to approach County Commissioner Don Stringer and arrogantly inform him that political post cards will be mailed out to his precinct and that she was going to get him voted out. The unimaginable audacity of Tisha Crow to work feverishly to oust an actual elected official, who won with only spending $1400, is mind boggling. But Commissioner Stringer beat out Jeff Russell. Russell who after losing a precinct chair election was appointed Republican Treasurer by you guessed it, Tisha Crow. And most recently, Jeff Russell was reappointed as precinct chair. Ector County Republican voters have denied Russell twice but still sits on the ECRP executive board. They don’t care about the voters. They only care about power.

Until we have the right to vote for County Chair disregard any endorsements by the Ector County Republican Party. Mayor Javier Joven, Denise Swanner and Mark Matta all sit on the board. Matta even has the ability to sign to allow Donna on the ballot. Keep an eye on this. All three should be speaking out for the right to vote! If not, then let’s chose other candidates next fall to represent our City Council. Candidates that believe in the right to vote. Candidates that trust the voters of Ector County.

I’m a Constitutional Conservative, and strongly believe voters are being denied our rights. I feel that Ned Luscombe and the other Precinct Chairs are intentionally abusing and misinterpreting the election code in order to manipulate our local elections.

Donna at the time of writing this has two signatures. Tisha Crow keeps adding precinct chairs and is keeping the list hidden from the public. We have no idea how many precinct chairs there are now. But Donna needs at least one or two more signatures.

I’m running for Precinct Chair in 203. I too will be running on the right to vote. Stay tuned precinct 203. I’m working with the current Precinct Chair in 203 Carmen Wilhite on a town hall so the voters can have their say. I’ve tried to get a forum with Tisha Crow but she will not take me up on my offer. Hopefully, Carmen is not afraid to face her constituents.

I’m prepared to move heaven and earth in order restore dignity, civility and ethics to the Ector County Republican Headquarters. And I appreciate all the support I’m receiving. Thank you Ector County! And stay tuned for a major bombshell to drop next week.

Ronnie Lewis is a lifelong Odessan who founded and built Dos Amigos.