LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What are precinct chair duties?

Once again, the Letters to the Editor only seem to be about the upcoming March 5th election for the Leadership of the Ector County Republican Party and this is one.

Nothing about the issues affecting our city and county that we should be worried about. Concerning the current Party leadership, Ronnie Lewis has been articulate in his crusade to change that leadership.

Kris Crow has been just as relentless in defending his wife and her leadership citing numbers from past elections to justify maintaining the status quo. However, if those numbers are accurate, it is nothing to brag about.

Lewis talked about the duties of precinct chairs but was vague in the description so I went online and looked them up. I would encourage everyone to do the same and read for themselves the Texas Republican Party Handbook for Precinct Chairs.

It was a 26 page booklet written in 2015, but revised in 2018 and is now 36 pages. So, what is a Precinct Chair? To quote from the handbook, “Simply put, a Precinct Chair is the central manager for the smallest unit in the Republican Party. As the only elected official in the precinct, they have roles and responsibilities in, and to, the Republican Party.

They also get to have a lot of fun and meet a lot of people.” If you are a Republican, have you met your chairman? To further quote, ” Your number one job as a Precinct Chair is to maximize the Republican vote in your precinct by getting people in your precinct involved, identifying voters, registering voters, informing voters, and turning out voters.”

They are also supposed to hold precinct meetings with voters in their precinct to discuss the issues so they can report to the Executive Committee of which all precinct chairs are members. Have you ever been invited to a Precinct Meeting?

I don’t know about other voters in Ector County, but I can tell you about my experience. I have lived in Ector County for 29 years, voted in every election held in that time and I have never seen or heard from my precinct chair until Ronnie started his crusade.

I actually got a piece of literature put on my door for Precinct 204 by Richard Pierce. I notice that Mayor Joven is also running for this Precincts Chair.

I have to wonder why the Mayor needs to be a Precinct Chair. Doesn’t he have enough to do? I hope when the dust settles whoever is running the Republican Party or for that matter the Democratic Party in Ector County, they will actually do the job as described and get more people involved so we can quit talking about it and spend the time on the things that really matter to our city and county.

Charles Cotten