LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats are good people too

I have been following with keen interest the fight in the Ector County Republican Party between Tisha Crow and her cabal and Ronnie Lewis and his legion. I can state with all honesty that I absolutely have no dog in this fight.

What is amazing to me though is how the Lewis bunch repeatedly states that it is fighting for civility in the election process. I take exception to a comment made in the February 7 OA by Traci Gregston, who is in the Lewis camp, “They (the Crow group) are the ones acting like Democrats. We are all good people…there is nothing wrong with us and we actually want to do the job.”

You know Tracy, before Trump, I identified as an Independent and voted for a lot of Republicans. Since Trump’s ascendance, the Republican Party has abandoned decency. I now identify as a Democrat and guess what, many Democrats are also good people.

My wife and I donate to charities, volunteer in the community, pay our taxes, and don’t commit crimes. We also want what’s best for our country and our community. It’s just that our opinion of what is best is different from Republicans.

That doesn’t make us evil. It’s actually not the Democrats who demean and attack. All you have to do is look at Donald Trump, the “esteemed” leader of the Republican Party, to see where the Crow cabal takes its clues.

No candidate in the history of our country has done more than Trump to attack, belittle and demean his political opponents (including veterans and those currently serving). You wouldn’t let your children act as he does.

This doesn’t even include the sexual abuse, fraud and fomenting violence. Someone who acts like Trump wouldn’t be allowed to date your daughter. I am happy to see the Lewis group state that they want civility in our local politics. I certainly agree that Crow and her bunch need to clean up their act.

But it would be nice if the local ECRP including both Lewis and Crow camps demanded a note of civility from their state and national leaders. As long as Lewis’s legions and Crow’s cabal pay homage to Trump, count me out.

Trump’s abhorrent behavior obviously isn’t an issue for the Republican members of Congress either. A bi-partisan border deal was negotiated in the US Senate by the very conservative Republican Senator James Lankford from Oklahoma.

The GOP repeatedly demanded “No aid to Ukraine without a strict border deal.” Lankford got most of what the Republicans have been wanting. The National Border Patrol Council even endorsed the deal! But never mind, Trump didn’t like it, so despite the fact that the GOP got what it wanted, no deal. Republican members of Congress have shown that they put Trump above country.

If Ukraine falls to Russia, that will be on Republicans. After all, Trump is already attacking NATO, telling Putin he can do whatever the hell he wants. Why didn’t Trump like the border deal? Because he likes the political issues the border presents more. Why fix it?

GOP Congress members are afraid of Trump so they cave. The border is unquestionably a huge problem. It is one Republicans easily could have run on. But from this point on, no Republican has the right to point the finger at Biden or the Dems about the border.

The GOP owns this issue now. As one pundit said, Republicans set a trap and then fell into it. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

Dan Hamilton