LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Quiroz is good for MCH board

Dr. Ben Casey Quiroz has learned a tremendous amount about the medical system, having served the last four years on the MCH Board representing District 7. He is in the health business as a professional and has a successful business perspective and innovative ideas which have greatly impacted the decisions the MCHD Board has made for the 17 counties it serves. He is continuously researching to find ways to improve patient care, maintain and acquire state of the art technology and information systems and to promote MCH and other medical facilities in the region by improving the quality of medical services for these communities. What impresses me most about Dr. Quiroz’s approach in our conversations is the consternation with which he addresses his decisions relating to the Hospital Board. He weighs them carefully, knowing they impact patients, their families, and their livelihoods.

This consternation is familiar to me as I taught in Ector County schools for 20 years and served at central office in various positions, including Director of Curriculum, for another 10. During my years of service, I was keenly aware of how my decisions impacted our students and their families. Although I no longer live in Odessa, I have a great number of relatives and friends there and care about them. And I still pay taxes to Ector County entities.

So, on May 1st, please get out to vote if you live in District 7. Vote for an aggressive, Proactive Representative, Dr. Ben Casey Quiroz who will act to:

>>Optimize the quality of Patient care by Procuring highly qualified Professionals and Staff.

>>Improve Patient information accessibility through Personal Medical Portals through which Patients can communicate with medical Professionals, make appointments, access test results and images, make Payments, request Prescriptions, access links to medical education videos and much more!

>>Push for Medical Progress and Expansion to match the Projected Population and economic growth of the Permian Basin, such as the Nacero, Inc. plan to build a multi-billion lower carbon gasoline manufacturing facility in Ector County, and partnering to build a simulation hospital at Odessa College which will break ground in late 2021 and open in 2023.

>>Prioritize Pragmatic Planning to maximize Profits, because the best laid Plans are only Possible if MCHD is a Profitable organization.

Linda Quiroz

Tomball, Texas