LANDGRAF: Upholding the “Permian Promise”

By State Rep. Brooks Landgraf

Born and raised in West Texas, and having chosen to raise my family here as well, I understand firsthand the struggles of dealing with road conditions out here in the Permian Basin. While the energy industry has been a boon for the region, increased oil and gas production definitely comes with some challenges, and heavy wear and tear on roads is one of them.

That is why I am so pleased to report that the “Permian Promise” is in full swing. The “Permian Promise” is an effort the state has undertaken to prioritize transportation infrastructure funding in the Permian Basin in an effort to support the safety of all of us who live and work here. This has led to unprecedented state transportation funding for the region in the last two years, with even more projects being considered for funding this year.

Most of you have probably already noticed the increased prevalence of orange cones along our roadways. While I know the construction can be annoying at times, I hope we can all appreciate the blessings of added safety and increased mobility these necessary growing pains are sure to provide. TxDOT is currently planning a number of projects on SH 18, SH 115, SH 302, SH 176, and I-20 that will be completed over the next decade.

While construction is already underway for many of these projects, some projects are still in the early stages of the process. One of the early hurdles for any project is to receive public comments. TxDOT is holding several public meetings to give people a chance to ask questions or voice their opinions on newly proposed projects. Several of these meetings are taking place soon, and I want to take this opportunity to give you these dates and information on how to participate in these meetings.

The upcoming meetings taking place are:

  • State Highway 302: August 3, 2021
  • State Highway 18 North (New Mexico state line to State Loop 464 south of Monahans): August 18, 2021
  • State Highway 115 South (Spur 57 to SH 128): September 8, 2021
  • State Highway 115 North (SH 128 to SH 349): September 29, 2021

To find the specific information on how to attend any of the above mentioned public meetings, please visit:

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to make your voice heard on this and any other matter that’s important to you. While I’m proud to help secure state resources for our Permian Basin highways, I’m not taking anything for granted. I will never stop fighting to improve the safety and connectivity of our road system as I endeavor to make West Texas the best place in which to live, work and raise a family.

God bless Texas!