TRC ID’s earthquake-causing wells

The Texas Railroad Commission has identified the 14 salt water disposal wells that have continued to operate since the RRC’s December order to shut down 33 wells that were suspected in the increasing frequency and severity of earthquakes in the Permian Basin.

Referring to the area on which the oil- and natural gas-regulating agency is focusing, TRC spokesman Andrew Keese of Austin said, “The Gardendale Seismic Response Area was created to help reduce the magnitude and frequency of earthquakes and to protect residents.

“As part of that effort, the RRC suspended 33 deep injection wells indefinitely,” Keese told the Odessa American in an email. “As per the agency’s rules that ensure due process, operators of 14 wells requested hearings and can continue operations while cases are pending.

“However, many of those have also applied to convert their wells to shallow disposal and could withdraw their hearing requests once the process is complete.”

The operators are Rattler Midstream Operating with four, Wasser operating with three, Crownquest Operating and Solaris Water Midstream with two each and Callon Petroleum Operating, Cog Operating and Environmental Disposal Systems with one each.

These are the wells:

>> Casselman8 Well No. 1D, operator, Callon Petroleum Operating.

>> Spanish Trail Well No. 200SW, Cog Operating.

>> Nail Ranch “36” Well No. 1D, Crownquest Operating.

>> Waterburger Well No. 1D, Crownquest Operating.

>> Northwest Midland SWD Well No. 1WD, Environmental Disposal Systems.

>> HMW Well No. 1, Rattler Midstream Operating.

>> HMW Well No. 2, Rattler Midstream Operating.

>> Rattler Well No. 1D, Rattler Midstream Operating.

>> Dyson Well No. 1D, Rattler Midstream Operating.

>> DJK 48 SWD Well No. 1, Solaris Water Midstream.

>> Katyliz SWD Well No. 1, Solaris Water Midstream.

>> Mabee South SWD Well No. 2, Wasser Operating.

>> Mabee 3 SWD Well No. 3, Wasser Operating.

>> Mabee SWD Well No. 1, Wasser Operating.