Railroad Commissioner pens letter opposing offshore wind farms

AUSTIN Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham voicing his opposition to the installation of offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico after the Biden Administration announced plans to auction off more than 300,000 acres for offshore wind energy.

In the letter, Commissioner Christian detailed concerns with wind farms along the Atlantic Coast that likely will translate to the implementation of windmills along the Texas Gulf Coast and suggests actions that could be taken to halt installation.

“Texas must stop President Biden’s offshore wind farms from invading the Gulf of Mexico, which endanger our gulf coast by harming delicate ecologies and vital industries and further cripple our electrical grid with more unreliable power,” said Commissioner Christian.

“From funding his ‘green’ energy fantasies with the passage of the largest climate bill in history to an unrelenting barrage of bureaucratic rules from his agencies, Biden has kept his campaign promise of transitioning America away from fossil fuels and our nation’s middle class is worse off for it,” continued Christian. “Offshore wind is just President Biden’s next ploy of taxpayer subsidized boondoggles that will have far-reaching implications for environmental ecosystems, industries, transportation, supply chains, local communities and more.”

You can read the letter here.

If you would like to learn more about how offshore wind is harmful, check out “Wayne’s World: Energizing Texas.” Episode #14 featuring Meghan Lapp. Lapp is the fisheries liaison for Atlantic commercial fishers suing regarding the offshore wind farms along the Atlantic coast. You can find it here.