Oil & Gas Workers Association endorses Kinsey

The 45,000 members-strong Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA) has endorsed Aaron Kinsey for Texas State Board of Education District 15.

The primary is March 1.

“Education is the key. Often, we pay attention to the big national and state elections and overlook county judge, district attorney, city council, and school board races. We must place equal importance on every election that impacts our children’s future, our oil & gas jobs, every state, and our nation. Rooting out Marxist, racist, anti-American content in our public education system is a big task, and Aaron Kinsey has answered the call,” Matt Coday, OGWA president and founder, said in a news release confirming his support of Kinsey.

In addition to OGWA, Kinsey has also been endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC.