Medical Center Hospital NICU launches Angel Eye Camera System

Children’s Miracle Network at Medical Center Health System announced Monday the launch of the Angel Eye Camera system to MCH’s NICU.

These multi-use cameras allow care teams to share patient status updates and memorable moments with real-time texts, pictures and record videos. Angel Eye also allows for a continual video feed from the baby’s isolette/crib through a protected password, HIPAA-compliant website.

“We are so thankful to be able to bring in the Angel Eye Cameras for our special families in the NICU,” NICU Director Tammy Watson said in a news release. “For parents who have babies in the NICU long term, it’s vital for them to be able to check-in on their child at all times, even when they’re not here. These cameras give them the peace of mind and comfort every parent deserves during their child’s stay.”

When a baby is delivered preterm or with a health condition that requires an extended hospital stay, it is difficult for mothers and fathers to remain at the hospital continuously and still maintain other work and family responsibilities, especially when parents live in remote or rural areas outside of Odessa, the release said. With these technological capabilities, parents and family members can maintain a virtual presence in the NICU when they are unable to physically be with their baby.

The Angel Eye Camera system is made possible by the Ace Hardware Foundation through their Helping Hand Grant Program. Through this donation, Children’s Miracle Network at MCHS was able to purchase 15 Angel Eye Cameras.

“We are so thankful to the Ace Hardware Foundation for this generous donation,” said Haley Swack, program director, Children’s Miracle Network at MCHS, said in the release. “With their help, MCH is able to better serve patients and their families by improving patient experience and pediatric healthcare.

Our hope is that the Angel Eye Camera system not only promotes bonding and provides comfort, but also reduces stress and anxiety for families when they can’t be there. MCH is committed to childrens’ health throughout the region and is excited to deploy the latest technology and continue developing cutting edge programs for women and infants in the Permian Basin.”