MISD advances HVAC project to promote comfort

MIDLAND Midland ISD has reported continued progress of Phases 1, 2 and 3 of our Energy Efficiency Capital Refresh Project, which provides a safe and comfortable environment for students and staff. Installations and renovations to HVAC systems at 25 campuses began in the spring of 2022 and underscores the district’s commitment to enhancing existing systems while fostering optimal conditions for education.

Over the summer, the dedicated maintenance staff has been working to ensure that each classroom is adequately cooled and prepared for students. As a unique measure, air conditioning was activated in July this year, so that teachers would be cool and comfortable as they decorated their classrooms over the past few weeks, a news release said.

At September’s School Board meeting, the district will ask Trustees to approve the fourth phase of the HVAC renovation project. This final phase of the project will solidify the district’s efforts to modernize HVAC systems, ensuring greater efficiency and reliability.

“By advancing this project into the final phase, we are not only prioritizing the comfort and well-being of students and staff,” Cortney Smith, Chief of Facilities and Operations, said in the release. “But also extending the lifespan of our infrastructure.”

Improving indoor air quality remains a pivotal component of the entire project. This includes upgrading outside air intakes for air handler units, ensuring that indoor air remains fresher and cleaner.

The project also allows MISD to pursue energy efficiency, thus providing long-term benefits. The installation of energy-efficient boilers and chillers, along with upgraded air handlers and electrical components, will result in a significant reduction in utility consumption and operational costs.

“Not only will our energy-efficient systems yield financial savings for taxpayers, but they will also contribute to a more stable electrical grid, benefiting the entire community,” said Smith.

MISD understands that we have experienced unprecedented heat this summer, and the maintenance team will be actively monitoring classroom temperatures on the first day of school to ensure that all students are able to learn in a comfortable environment. Installations and repairs are ongoing as contractors continue their work at the following campuses: Abell, Alamo, Emerson, Goddard, Lamar, Legacy Freshman, Legacy High School, Long, Midland High School, Pease, and South.

As the HVAC renovation project enters its final phase, MISD remains dedicated to providing a learning environment that prioritizes student success and well-being, while promoting fiscal responsibility with our resources.