Meeting addresses donations

The Odessa Community Foundation Inc. has raised more than $1 million to assist the seven people killed and 25 others injured during the Aug. 31 mass shooting.

On Tuesday evening at Odessa College’s Zant Community Room, the OCF held a town hall meeting to talk with people involved in the mass shooting, citizens and members of the media about how those donations will be distributed.

Task Force chair Mara Barham detailed the seven people who were shot and killed will receive the same amount, while the 25 people injured will receive an amount based on hospitalized days. She said there will be a minimum amount for those injured.

“We will not disclose individual amounts publicly,” Barham said after the meeting. “The total fund amount. Yes. Individual amounts. No. That’s specifically at the request of some of the victims.”

OCF will be accepting donations until Jan. 20, 2020. OCF will donate 100% of the funds to the victims and the money given to the families will be issued as a gift.

Odessa Chamber of Commerce President Renee Earls said there an event taking place on Jan. 16, 2020, in Odessa, which will be sponsored by a group of energy leaders.

“We should hear from that group fairly soon on announcing what that event will be,” Earls said during the town hall meeting.

OCF detailed in its presentation the estates of the deceased can receive an initial or full payment once an executor or administrator of the estate has been appointed.

One of the victims from the shooting who arrived early and stayed late was Timothy Hardaway.

With a black cane in his right hand and plate in his left femur, Hardaway discussed the events that took place in his life on Aug. 31. He said he was traveling from a job site in Stanton to his home in West Odessa when the 36-year-old deceased gunman emptied a clip into his truck while he was talking to

 his wife about what to eat for dinner.

Hardaway said Seth Aaron Ator, the deceased gunman, who shot and killed seven people and injured 25 others caused $10,000 worth of damage to his truck.

“If somebody had been in there with me, they wouldn’t be with us today,” Hardaway said.

Hardaway was shot once in the left femur. He said there’s a metal plate running down his femur.

Hardaway said he hasn’t been back to work since Aug. 31, but continues to go to physical therapy as the muscle near his left femur continues to strengthen.

“It’s going to be a blessing,” Hardaway said of the money he would receive from OCF.