The Ector County Courthouse offices and adult probation offices are experiencing phone system troubles, Ector County Judge Ron Eckert said Tuesday.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it was unclear as to when phones would be up and reliable again at county courthouse offices.

In the meantime, Eckert encouraged members of the public who can’t get through the phone lines to come to the offices in person, if needed, or to try to connect with an official through email.

“We’re waiting on some information from our IT department, just trying to get some answers for us to consider some real options,” Eckert said Tuesday afternoon. “Our phone system is getting pretty old, and we were trying to make do with it for a while.”

Eckert said officials were working diligently on the issue. A release sent from his office Tuesday apologized to the public for any inconveniences.

Offices are still operating during normal hours, for those who may have had reasons to call but can make it to the offices in person instead.

“Unfortunately, that’s kind of where we’re at. It’s kind of how things are,” Eckert said. “To the extent, if they also have questions on email — if they need to speak with a public official and there’s an email address available, they’re welcome to send it that way as well.”

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