Ector County commissioners will receive the comprehensive annual financial report for the 2017 Fiscal Year during their regularly scheduled meeting Monday.

The Commissioners’ Court meeting will be at 10 a.m. Monday in the commissioners’ courtroom located in the Ector County Administration building annex, 1010 E. Eighth St.

The last fiscal year, ending in September 2017, was disappointing for Ector County. Precinct 2 Commissioner Greg Simmons said this had to do with the property tax values.

“Our 2017 budget was based on tax property values that were set in January of 2017,” Simmons said. “So, based on that, our revenue was lower in 2017 than we had in the prior year. That was primarily the hurdle.”

Property taxes and fees are the only forms of revenue for the county. The county would have implemented a sales tax assistance district that would have provided additional income, but the proposed tax was voted down last November. It was recently resubmitted by commissioners and will be voted on again during the May election.

County Judge Ron Eckert said it takes a while for property tax values to catch up with the emerging oil boom. He hopes that next fiscal year will be better because of the boom, but said the commissioners have not received the appraised property values yet.

“A lot of that depends upon the timing of when they valued those properties,” Eckert said. “Did they value it when oil prices were higher or did they value it at a time of last year when the valuations weren’t quite up yet? So we won’t know the results of their values until they get that back.”

Eckert added that those values are a large part of what will drive the county’s budgetary analysis and outlook for Fiscal Year 2019.

Due to the financial troubles of Fiscal Year 2017, the county had a number of personnel layoffs. Simmons said they reduced their staff by about 15 individuals and they reduced a few of the department operating budgets as far as funding they had available for the year.

Commissioners also provided a cost of living increase to employees. Eckert said county employees haven’t had a raise in the last two fiscal year cycles.

In addition, Simmons said the county held off on some vehicle and equipment replacement they probably would have done had it been a more normal year, pushing those replacements to a future year.

Commissioners will also vote to approve a proposed “United We Stand” calendar featuring Ector County Law Enforcement, which will raise money for the Ector County Enrichment Fund. That fund provides benefits to county employees, for such cases as retirements. The calendar will also serve to show appreciation for local law enforcement, Ector County Administrative Assistant Debbie Clay said.

“I think this would be a great leadership tool to support law enforcement and first responders,” Clay previously said. “I think that we can all do better and show our appreciation to county employees as a whole.”

The agenda also shows commissioners will discuss real estate issues and legal and personnel matters during executive session.


  • Will consider a proposed resolution approving April 8-14 as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
  • Will vote to accept a donation of a 2011 Ford Crew Cab F-150 pick-up from Pioneer Natural Resources to the Ector County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Will consider the capping of a water well at the Ector County Law Enforcement Center addition.
  • Will take action regarding the following bids: liquid asphalt emulsions, asphalt patching material, graded base material, seal coat aggregate and water.
  • Will vote to approve the proposed purchase of computers and monitors.
  • Will take action regarding the Other Post Employment Benefits Actuarial Valuations Master Service Agreement and Engagement Letter for Initial GASB 75 OPEB Valuation with Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Co. and to approve the North Texas Share Master Interlocal Purchasing Agreement with North Central Texas Council of Governments.
  • Will vote on the proposed extension of the Auctioneer Services On-Line award to Rene Bates Auctioneers, Inc. for an additional one-year term.
  • Will take action regarding a request to set starting pay for TVFC/Immunization Program Specialist and Outreach Coordinator at a Step 3.
  • Will consider a Meich MHRC 1.03 acres being Lot 12, Block 1, Pecan Ridge Subdivision, and an Arroyo MHRC 0.91 acres, Lots 16 and 17, Block 17, Western Hills Subdivision, and a Moody MHRC 5.3 acre tract located in Section 18, Block B-16, Public School Lands.
  • Will consider replats of Lot 4, Block 38, Pleasant Farms Subdivision, Fourth Filing, Lot 8, Block 7, Pleasant Farms Subdivision, and Lot 4, Block 2, Gage Acres Section 5.
  • Will consider a proposed budget amendment to capital projects fund 045, contributions, from unreserved fund balance in the amount of $200,000.
  • Will take action to establish an airport capital improvements fund.
  • Will receive the accounts payable fund requirements report for March 26, 2018.