LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tomorrow is up to us

By Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah Alpine

Last week’s events defied “remotely normal”. What sort of a day was it for effective administration or ‘due process’ (fundamental fairness)? Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; the 44th gone in 18th months before the number grew, received the President’s Tweet relieving him of his job. Soon enough, FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe was fired 2 days from qualifying for a pension.

That’s nasty on steroids, but gets the attention of any mushroom brave enough to pop a head above the fertilizer. Think about it. That’s how any ‘good’ authoritarian regimes plays hardball.

To the faithful base: “If ‘45’ allows coal slag in drinking water, negating Obama era regulations, consider what else is in his vindictive bag of tricks. You may think he appreciates your support, but his narcissistic ways don’t give a hoot!” What to do?

Let not pride for a previous vote prevent you for doing what’s right. This is our “Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country” moment.

Call your congressional representative. Write a letter to the newspapers. Carry a sign. Respond with truth when current events come up in conversation. Be willing to risk being told what you have to say is “fake news”.

What sort of day will it be tomorrow? Time will tell if we are up to it or deserve the Republic provided to us by others of heart and grit. The sand is quickly running through the hourglass.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah