A city of Andrews dump truck was stolen from a work site Tuesday, leading to a chase that damaged an Andrews police car and led deputies to fire at the truck before the driver was taken into custody, a release from the Andrews County Sheriff’s Office detailed.

The release details that Andrews police officers were flagged down and told the truck was stolen at around 10:10 a.m., then the driver of the truck refused to stop as officers pursued, eventually leaving town to the west, forcing other drivers off the roadway. The release states that as officers attempted to run the truck off the roadway, the driver managed to turn around and go back toward town.

A video posted to the Andrews County News Facebook page Tuesday showed an Andrews police car seeming to attempt a PIT maneuver on the truck, becoming entangled with it. The release states the truck sped up then, dragging the police car and driving in a reckless manner toward oncoming vehicles, putting citizens in danger.

The release states an Andrews Sheriff’s Office deputy fired on the truck in an attempt to disable it.

After the chase passed back into town, the release states the truck came to a stop at the intersection of SW Main Street and Avenue I, where the suspect was removed from the truck and taken into custody.

The release states the suspect was taken to Permian Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries sustained during the incident.