Assistant fire chief gives Regeneron clinic update

During Tuesday’s work session, Odessa Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Rodd Huber explained to city council the Regeneron Infusion Clinic has served more than 1,800 people.

Huber said infusion numbers are starting to decline, however, the clinic will remain as it’s one of the top hubs in the state.

There was a supply scare in the middle of September, but that “hiccup,” Huber said, hasn’t happened since and he reassured the city council the infusion clinic has plenty of Regeneron.

“The state has assured me personally that this is one of their top 10 to 12 sites in the state,” Huber said during the work session. “Since this is a regional site, there is priority set for this site. That made us feel good.”

Huber also mentioned at the conclusion of the COVID vaccine clinic on Oct. 6 at UTPB Park that there were more than 1,000 vaccinations administered.

Odessa Housing Finance Corporation executive director Jill Miller spoke about the plans for the 7.65 acre lot located on Rochester Avenue on the south side of Odessa. The housing would be for low- to -moderate income families.

When District 3 Councilmember Detra White asked if the homes would take five years to build, Miller responded it should take much less time.

“I think once it gets started and we get excitement rolling and that hopefully we will have the same effect as the other large builders in town,” Miller said during the meeting.

Odessa Traffic Operations Superintendent Hal Feldman presented to the city council about considering purchasing traffic signal equipment, which includes replacement of cabinets at 13 intersections throughout the city. There would also be seven additional cabinets purchased as spares.

Feldman also said that if any of the cabinets have artistic wrap around them that he will contact Odessa Arts Executive Director Randy Ham about getting them rewrapped.