Affidavit shows events leading to fatal punch

An Odessa Police Department probable cause affidavit detailed a 38-year-old man punched another man who later died from his injuries.

Victor Tarin Gonzales was charged with murder, a first-degree felony.

The reported incident happened around 10:11 p.m. Oct. 14 in the parking lot of the DK Convenience Store located at 3900 Tanglewood Lane, the affidavit stated.

The victim, identified as Ross Walker, was reportedly lying on the ground unconscious in a pool of blood. Walker had serious bodily injury, namely brain trauma from which he later died on Oct. 15. Walker also had fractures to his face as well as a broken rib.

Video surveillance showed shortly after Walker pulled his truck into the DK parking lot, a gray four-door sedan pulled into the parking lot after him, the affidavit stated. The suspect, later identified as Gonzales, exited the vehicle and approached Walker in an aggressive manner.

Video reportedly shows Gonzales pushing Walker, then cocking his arm far back and striking Walker. Walker dropped to the ground and based on his injuries and the evidence at the crime scene it is believed that Walker struck his head on a rock on the ground.

Gonzales was contacted by detectives, the affidavit stated. Gonzales stated to a detective that he was driving west on Maple Avenue when Walker ran a stop sign, almost crashing into Gonzales who was driving a gray Nissan Sentra. Gonzales stated he saw Walker pull into the DK parking lot, so he pulled in and confronted Walker.

Gonzales reportedly admitted to striking Walker.

Gonzales was arrested, charged and booked into the Ector County Law Enforcement Center on Oct. 16, jail records show. He has one bond totaling $50,000 and was still in custody as of Tuesday afternoon.