OUR VIEW: A little help can go a long wayThe point: The good folks at UTPB stepped up in major ways to help a student who was in need.

We see the bad news all the time.

But there are so many wonderful things happening around here that it is getting hard to keep up.

Take young Hunter McMinn, a junior at UTPB who is majoring in history.

Hunter says he has always been the type to help others but never to ask for help for himself. When he lost both parents recently he found himself in need of some support.

And boy did that support show up.

He said he knew a lot of folks at UTPB because he was a former member of the Student Senate, member of the Quality Enhancement Committee and a member of the search committee for the new dean of arts and sciences.

“They all rallied around me,” McMinn said last week. “I’ve always helped people. I never ask for help.”

With few relatives to lean on, this young man needed friendly support. McMinn said friends set up a Go Fund Me Page and a trust fund is in the works.

But it is more than just the financial help that is something not just to be proud of but to marvel at. Every professor, whether he knew them or not, knew what happened and asked him if he was doing OK. He’s also developed a close friendship with UTPB President Sandra Woodley through his tenure on the Student Senate.

McMinn said he works for Student Life and can pay his bills from that. He was able to stay in the apartment he rented, thanks to the landlord and help from friends.

After the semester ends, McMinn said he will be moving in with Marlon Fick, a senior lecturer.

Fick and Associate Professor of Art Chris Stanley, along with Woodley and Director of Student Life Adrian Lodge and others have helped a great deal, McMinn said. “I’ve been very grateful for everyone. Donations came out of the woodwork, he said. He won’t touch the donations that come in, except in an emergency. Loans, grants and a few scholarships have kept him in school.

Imagine losing both parents at such a young age. McMinn has found solace in the loving embrace of his university community.

Isn’t that the way we are supposed to help each other?

There are a lot of needs out in our community and sometimes we find ourselves needing a hand. But sometimes we have a hand to give. Thanks to all these special folks at UTPB who took the initiative to hold a hand out to someone in need.