OPD: Case on doctor accused of animal cruelty submitted to DA

The case file on an Odessa surgeon accused of three counts of animal cruelty was sent Tuesday to the Ector County District Attorney’s Office for review, a police spokesman said.
The submission of 54-year-old Robert Kevin Lynch’s case on his reported fatal poisoning of two dogs and the serious injury of another follows his arrest last month on accusations that he harmed the pets of a family that lives on Casa Loma Drive in east Odessa. Lynch lived in a home on Chambord Drive that is directly on the other side of the family’s home on Casa Loma Drive.
Lynch was arrested on three counts of animal cruelty, a state jail felony. Lynch was released from the Ector County Detention Center on bonds totaling $22,500.
Ector County DA Bobby Bland said he could not definitively say if his office received the file electronically. But Bland explained that the DA’s office would review the file to determine whether to present it to the grand jury.
Odessa Police Department detectives collected video surveillance that reportedly captured images of a person police suspect was Lynch poisoning the dogs. OPD authorities searched Lynch’s home and seized antifreeze, Critter Ridder animal repellent brand, Gopher Bait 50 and Advil. Police reported that a toxicology report of one dog showed it had insecticides toxicity, rodent poison toxicity, grape toxicity and antifreeze toxicity.
An OPD news release at the time reported that Lynch voluntarily admitted to poisoning the dogs with raw meat that was mixed with Advil, antifreeze, rodent poison and raisins. The OPD also reported that four complaints about noise were made against the Casa Loma Drive home but didn’t know who made them during 2016.
The Odessa Municipal Court reported the dog owners at the Casa Loma Drive do not have any noise-related citations in 2016.