Odessa taking water quality survey

City officials want your opinion about the Odessa’s water. Residents are encouraged to complete a survey to provide the city feedback regarding the taste and hardness of the city’s water.
City staff members are researching the feasibility of including water softening and reverse osmosis (RO) processes in the treatment of city water. The additional processes would improve the taste of the water and reduce the dissolved minerals in the water, according to a news release. Hard water means there is a high number of dissolved minerals in the water. Hard water is not dangerous, but can cause mineral buildup in appliances and fixtures reducing their service life. Hard water can also cause soap or detergent to lather poorly.
The survey is open for a limited time and feedback is important for the advancement of the study. Three surveys are available. There is a survey for residential input, one for commercial businesses such as retail stores and restaurants and the third is to be completed by industrial businesses.
ON THE NET: Water Quality Survey.