OC board discusses solar farm rebates

Two solar farms have asked Odessa College for abatements, but Gary Johnson, chair of the OC Board of Trustees and head of the finance committee, said there are questions and concerns about the project.

The Rockhound solar farm project came to the OC board for a rebate in 2019. The solar farm would be west of Odessa and south of Interstate 20.

But Johnson said that deal fell through.

Johnson said they have asked for an abatement once more.

Swift Air is a new solar operation to be built near Oxy’s direct air capture plant about 15 miles southeast of Notrees.

Johnson said OC has already given Oxy an abatement.

On a separate item, they got information on a new trailer mounted chiller that can serve multiple locations about campus, Vice President of Administrative Services Ken Zartner said.

The vendor is West Techs and the cost is $454,627. The chiller was $100,000 more than what was budgeted.

There is a 28-30 week lead time, Zartner said.

Zartner said maybe by the time it gets here in June they’ll have a better idea of the cost and maybe it will be less expensive.

He added that Odessa College has a lot of the same maintenance concerns as Ector County ISD is going for in its bond with heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical.

Zartner said they are trying to create central plants that can provide heating and air to multiple buildings.