More traffic box art bursting out

Odessa’s outdoor gallery of traffic box art will get larger as three Odessa artists have been chosen to design 12 more boxes across the city.

District Four will get its first boxes as artist Reno Ramos’ designs are installed on boxes at 52nd and JBS Parkway, 52nd and Tanglewood Lane, the west entrance of Music City Mall at Tanglewood Lane and the west entrance at JBS.

Richard Acosta’s nature inspired photography will grace District Five on West County Road at Eighth, 10th, 14th and 16th streets.

The four whimsical designs by Beckwith Thompson will be found in various locations.

“Well, Beckwith’s designs were so imaginative and inspiring, I don’t want to tell anyone where they are going to be installed. I want people to find them accidentally and smile at the surprise,” Odessa Arts Executive Director Randy Ham said in a news release.

The first box to be installed will be Ramos’ this summer. Acosta’s will be installed in late fall, and

Thompson’s after Jan. 1, the release said.

“We are so grateful to Southwest Bank for sponsoring the box on 52nd and Parkway in front of their branch. It really got the ball rolling on this next phase of the project,” said Ham. “We are still looking for additional sponsors for these boxes. If you’re interested, please contact the Odessa Arts offices.”