LETTER TO THE EDITOR:No, it is not a flat world

What is this world coming to nowadays? Just when we thought we knew something, now we’re hearing something else. Where Black’s Law dictionary used to govern the legal system as an absolute, now we’re operating on case law relative basis. When gold & silver were used as an absolute form of money, now we’re on the relative-value basis of paper currencies. When the Bible was considered the absolute standard of moral conduct, now society is on a relative basis of personal preference and feelings.

But wait, the culture shift has gone nuclear with the latest announcement that is good ole trustworthy ball of terra firma has actually been a flat Earth all along? No wonder parents don’t want to let their kids get too far out of their sight, lest they wander too close to the edge? (or too close to flat-Earthers)

There was a movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth” but now I guess there can be a sequel remake “Journey to the Edge of the Earth,” and it has got to star Jeff Goldblum if it’s going to have any chance of legitimizing a flat thesis. The Ant Man movie can also have a type of sequel where the fleas are postulating on the theory of how flat a human head is really? The New Age movement one advertised that mankind was nearing a higher state of evolved consciousness, but that must’ve been derailed and now de-evolution from a 3D to a 2D trend is in full swing. One non-famous person once said “I don’t think we came from monkeys. I think we’re going to monkey!” In near agreement, John Wayne also supposedly said “Live is though, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid!”

Okay, let’s take a minute and evaluate this flat Earth theory. If the Earth was flat,

>> Then why is it daylight in some countries and nighttime simultaneously in other countries. If we’re all on a flat Earth with one side facing the sun, or the moon?

>> Then why do I have to call no later than if I want to talk to my friend in India before he goes to bed?

>> And speaking of Asia, why do I have to adjust my jet-lagged bio-clock if I fly from here to there?

>> And when the stock market crashes in Europe, why does it take 6 hours before it crashes in America?

>> And why are there 24 time zones globally, wouldn’t everybody’s rooster crow at the same time in the morning on a flat planet?

>> And where are the other flat planets out there? How come there are no orbital-mechanics equations for moons or rockets traveling around flat planets? Google it and see if you can find any!

>> And why didn’t they every make a Star Trek episode of Enterprise orbiting a flat planet with Spock explaining why it’s flat? Spoke knows everything!

>> How would a flat planet have magnetic poles? Well you see that’s because the flat planet has some thickness … science still hasn’t determined how thick yet, but trut me, they’re still measuring, give them some time..

>> If the water drain swirls CCW north of the equator and CW south of the equator, then that could be blamed on global warming, right? Because this planet’s flat!

>> Why is it that this round planet has an atmospheric jet stream and a flat planet has a ___?

>> Is it true the Earth’s circumstance, surface curst thickness, and internal layers are discussed in science books, and that oilmen are still aspiring to drill plumb to the other side and take China’s oil?

>> So how come if I’m in the northern hemisphere and look up at the night sky exactly 24 hours later I see a whole different set of constellations? Wouldn’t the sky need to be flat to see the same starts?

>> Let’s postulate a counter-theory, the flat-Earthers are in it for the money and just trying to start up a Ponzi scheme, where for each 10 folks they recruit into the flat Earth society, they get to move up a level. Instead of “diamond-level” at the top, it can be “cloud level” or something similar high above the flatness.

Let’s bring this a close, what if they “powers that be” wanted to float a trail to see how successful they were so far in dumbing down the population, and so they start a rumor of a new theory? …. Hmmm, interesting …… and the bet was one dollar ….. ?