LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Highest court was right and wrong

The Supreme Court is batting 500 with their rulings today. They got it right on not allowing federal courts to intervene in drawing legislative districts. If a group doesn’t agree, they can appeal to their state supreme court for relief but it rightfully should be a state decision. They got it wrong on not including a question on citizenship on the 2020 census. As a citizen, I think I have the right to know who is a citizen in this country especially as it concerns where my tax dollars are spent.
As a retired person who paid into Social Security and Medicare since its inception I don’t want to see my benefits go down because the funds are running out of money as we keep being told because benefits are being paid to illegals who haven’t paid. If the Supreme Court doesn’t want the question asked, then I would urge our elected representatives to pass a law requiring it on the census. On another subject, I was always taught when I was selling real estate that a good rule of thumb was that a potential home owner could afford to own a home that was three times the value of their annual gross income.
If that is still true then if the median income in Odessa is $73,500 that means that half the population which is most of the working people can only afford a home in the $125 -$175, 000 price range. Where does the ODC and the City Council get off talking about affordable housing as $275,000. It is just another example of how out of touch our elected officials are with the public.