I am a long time resident of Odessa Texas, a few days ago a friend ask me where she could dispose of a mattress as she replaced hers. I referred her to the landfill, she had ask if we had any programs where the city or county would pick up items on a certain day of the month, advised that is not available here. She informed me the landfill turned them away since they do not have a Texas license, they work and live in Odessa, she even offered to pay double fees, this couple was turned away.
I was appalled and in disbelief. What options does this leave the thousands of people who are residing in our community due to the boom to dispose of items they need to replace such as a mattresses.
The illegal dumping problem will just keep getting worse as there are no options other than illegal dumping the items at a donation center, vacant lot or a alleyway. This is not good for Odessa or Ector County, and the landfill charges for each item or load that comes in, why should it matter if you hold a Texas license, the items will probably end up in our landfill eventually costing our donation centers, and tax payer dollars in the process to clean up.
Surely, City of Odessa and Ector County can offer a solution to this problem, as this bustling economy isn’t going away anytime soon.
I would like to note if you live in West Odessa we are not allowed to dispose tree limbs at the recycling center in the City of Odessa, we are told to dispose of our limbs at the landfill or burn at our property, we have seen tree branches dumped on a property down the block from us, it is unsightly mess, we take pride in our property and wish to keep it that way. Do not understand why all of Odessa can’t use the recycling center maybe this would help with the illegal dumping problems our county is facing.
I appreciate your time and would like to offer away for you to contact me in response.