Father arrested on charge of not reporting injuries

The father of a 3-year-old boy, who reportedly was beaten with a hard plastic hanger by the father’s common-law wife, was arrested on charges of failing to report the suspected abuse.
Phillip Tomas Madrid, 36, was charged Friday with injury to a child by omission, a state jail felony, following accusations that he didn’t file a report with police on multiple occasions when the reported child abuse his son suffered at the hands of 24-year-old Amanda Leigh Kelly happened. One of the accusations leveled at Kelly was that she struck Madrid’s son on the face because he told her to “shut up,” a court record reported.
Madrid did not remove his son from the home where the police suspect he was being abused as required by law, Odessa Police Department authorities said. Kelly was arrested last week on a warrant accusing her of three counts of injury to a child – family violence, a third-degree felony.
“Madrid had a statutory duty to act,” the OPD reported. “OPD detectives obtained a warrant for Madrid, who was also charged accordingly.”
Madrid, 9100 Andrews Highway, was released Saturday from the Ector County Detention Center on $7,500 bond.
Kelly, 909 W. 26th St., was being held Tuesday at the county jail on bonds totaling $45,000.
Nursing staff at the Texas Tech Health Science Center alerted the OPD Feb. 22 that the child, who was brought in by his biological mother, identified as Monica Madrid, for bruising she saw on his face, buttocks, left ear and hands, along with “crisscross marks on his arms which were consistent with the crisscross marks being inflicted with a clothes hanger,” a probable cause affidavit said.
Madrid said Feb. 16 that Kelly, his common-law wife, hit his son in his face for telling her to shut up, and that two days later Madrid noticed bruising “had manifested on his son’s face and ear,” the affidavit reported.
“Madrid failed to file a report with the police and he did not remove the child from the home to prevent another incident,” the probable cause affidavit added.
On Feb. 20, Kelly reportedly told Madrid “that she had given (his son) the ‘spanking of his life’ with a hard plastic hanger because he had (urinated) on the floor,” the affidavit read. “Again Madrid failed to protect his child by assessing his well being and he failed to remove his child from any further incidents.”
“Later that same night Madrid also spanked his child with a belt,” the affidavit reported.
The OPD initially reported that Kelly was arrested on accusations that she beat Madrid’s son with a wire hanger, but the probable cause affidavit said the object she is suspected of using was a hard plastic hanger.
Kelly told Madrid Feb. 21 that she spanked his son a second time for urinating on the floor again. Madrid said that he later noticed that night bruising in a crisscross pattern on or about his child’s body and extensive bruising on his buttocks, the affidavit read.
That was when Madrid called his son’s mother who then took him away, the court record reported.