Voices of Veterans: Col. Robert Barry shares his story of service during the Vietnam War

AUSTIN Texas Land Commissioner and Veterans Land Board (VLB) Chairwoman Dawn Buckingham, M.D., is proud to introduce the next installment of the series highlighting the VLB’s Voices of Veterans oral history program. In this episode, we hear the story of U.S. Air Force Veteran Robert Barry.

Mr. Barry enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1952 after he graduated from the Virginia Military Institute, flying F-86s and F-100s during his military career. Throughout his illustrious career, Barry served all over the world, in Korea, Japan, California, Virginia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Barry’s storied military career included seventeen Atlantic and Pacific Ocean crossings in single-engine fighter jets, and the first ever air-to-air refueling in an F-100 aircraft.

To listen to Mr. Barry tell his story, visit VoicesofVeterans.org.

U.S. Air Force Veteran Robert Barry (Courtesy Photo)

In addition to serving all over world, Barry also served at the Pentagon on the Air Staff and was involved with the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) before he retired as a Colonel with the Tactical Air Command out of Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin, Texas, in 1977, and has remained in the Austin area.

When asked his advice to those thinking of joining the military, Barry said to make sure it’s what you really want to do and dedicate yourself to it because if you aren’t, you won’t be helpful in the security of our country.

Veterans can email [email protected] to tell their stories. Please note that the Veteran must be a resident of Texas at the time of their interview.

Voices of Veterans is a state agency’s first Veteran oral history program. It records the stories of Texas Veterans through their time in service and after returning home from combat.

The VLB records interviews with veterans over the phone or in person. Their interviews are then permanently archived in the Office of Veterans Records at the GLO, where they join the historical documents of other Texas heroes such as Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William Barret Travis.

Veterans’ interviews are also available to researchers, historians, genealogists, and the public. These precious records inspire future generations and remind us of our Veterans’ sacrifices.

To listen to the the over 500 archived stories of Veterans documented through the GLO’s Voices of Veterans oral history program visit VoicesofVeterans.org.