‘Shrek’ opens tonight at PlayhouseClassic tale told in musical style by theater campers

Almost four dozen campers and a couple dozen more crew members have worked for several weeks to bring a tale to the Permian Playhouse stage that is sure to delight audiences.

“Shrek The Musical Jr.” opens at 7:30 p.m. tonight and continues at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and June 26 and June 27 and also at 2:30 p.m. Sunday and June 28.

Playhouse Theatre Manager Brian Serrano, who is also directing the Playhouse’s theater camp this summer, said the 45 or so campers are a good mix of elementary, middle and high schoolers with the youngest being 6 and the oldest 17. All the campers have parts in the musical and Serrano said the very popular Shrek is appealing to campers and also will be to audiences.

He said the show director, Blake Rogers, did a remarkable job casting the musical. Rogers is known for her work in Permian High’s Black Magic, the West Texas Jazz Project and for her work in musicals in Odessa.

Serrano said via phone the show combines something that is both appealing to kids at the camp and to the public with Shrek’s name recognition.

“The story is appealing because in the world where everyone is judged so quickly by appearances,” Serrano said. “This show is about the true beauty that lies within.”

He said by the time the show hits the stage tonight that campers will have rehearsed for more than 80 hours. He also praised the work of costumer designer Nichi Vanderford. “She a real rock star.”

Serrano said the show is timely for the day we live in and praised the hard work of his campers. “The students have really just grown into their roles and their characters,” he said. “A show of this magnitude might make some struggle but they have really grown.”

The website, mtishows.com, details that the musical is based on the Oscar-winning smash hit film and outrageous Broadway musical.

The ogre, Shrek, leads a cast of fairytale misfits on an adventure to rescue a princess and find true acceptance. Part romance and part twisted fairy tale, Shrek Jr. is an irreverently fun show with a powerful message for the whole family, the site details.

The cast and crew includes:

  • Cameron Serrano, Shrek
  • Lily Windham, Fiona
  • Kylie Reyes, Donkey
  • Ameri Clark, Lord Farqquad
  • Oakley Serrano, Dragon
  • Marina Vejil, Pinocchio
  • Mary Herndon, Gingerbread Man
  • Hope Joyce, Ogre Fiona
  • Emilie Vanderford, Teen Fiona
  • Reece Norris, Young Fiona
  • Kiara Granado, Baby Bear
  • Sohila Abdelatiff, Mama Bear
  • Kaden Bremmerman, Papa Ogre / Papa Bear
  • Rose Reed, Mama Ogre
  • Tanner Mcpherson, Baby Ogre
  • Kohl Bremmerman, Pied Piper
  • Avery Underwood, Ugly Duckling
  • DJ Dangerfield, Big Bad Wolf
  • Lily Griffin, Bishop
  • Caedan Harwell, Captain of the Guard
  • Hope Meworter, Peter Pan
  • Nathan Serrano, Puss in Boots / Guard
  • Rowan Hashem, Story Teller
  • Sariyah Ramirez, Story Teller
  • Anna Windham, Story Teller
  • Meegan Cortez, Little Pig
  • Rohan Reed, Little Pig
  • Brianna Moody, Little Pig
  • Kyra Carillo, Knight
  • Nori Hashem, Knight
  • Kamryn Casey, Knight
  • Brayden Underwood, Dwarf / Duloc Person
  • Ryan Reyes, Guard / Duloc Person
  • Mallory Bloch, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Claire Clark, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Amileah, Gray Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Ammelie, Hill Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Sadie Homestad, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Ryan Norris, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Mikayla Rogers, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Kynlee Scott, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Krystal Spruill, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Lilian Tomlinson, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Abigail Vaught, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Abigail Wells, Rat / Person of Duloc
  • Blake Rogers, Director / Set Designer
  • Jeb Harris, Music Director
  • Jeremiah Leija, Choreographer
  • Makenzie Craig, Technical Director / Sound
  • Kennedy Taylor, Stage Manager / Playhouse Intern
  • Sam Weaks, Assistant Director / Assistant Camp Director
  • Trysta Irby, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Azlyn Hernandez, Acting Coach
  • Kaylee Cerda, Hair / Makeup
  • Nichi Vanderford, Costumes
  • Marina Vejil, Costume Assistant / Camp Publicity
  • Stephanie Clark, Costume Assistant
  • Isa Carrasco, Lights / Camp Staff
  • Reece Perry, Props / Camp Staff
  • Eva Dominguez, Set Painter
  • Meredith Daniels, Head Run Crew / Camp Staff
  • Megan Wagner, Run Crew / Camp Staff
  • Ashtyn Joyce, Run Crew / Camp Staff
  • Winter Bushong, Run Crew / Camp Staff
  • Dusty Alford, Set Builder / Fly / Run Crew
  • Chris Clark, Run Crew / Fly
  • Anais Miguel, Playhouse Intern
  • Brian Serrano, Theatre Manager / Camp Director