VILLATORO: You do it because you believe

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church

It’s not that what we, Christians, think? Tell me, please, why is it that many people don’t act that way? Is it possible that Christians today do not believe what they say they believe? Because we believe in God we do many things in church.

For example, we sing songs to Him, we give money to Him through the church.  We do things for Him with our work in the church. We do many things for Him because we believe that we please Him with our actions, and also because we hope for miracles.

How many times have you seen in your life the rewards for believing in Him and trusting Him? I know there are many! We agree on that. Why is it, then, that we have such a hard time doing things for people, when they need a little action of faith from our part, when they tell us that they will do something?

We write contracts to protect ourselves. We look for witnesses to hear the promises from others. We can even record, videotape, etc., anything to force individuals to fulfill their word. And yet, they failed.

Don’t you have documents to prove the wrongdoings of others, when they ask you for a first payment for a service, or product that they never delivered? When someone is planning on doing something wrong, they will do it, even with a contract or whatever.

But, on the other hand, good, decent people who plan to fulfill their word on any negotiation, whether it’s commercial, professional, or simply a commitment, anyone who wants to do good, they will do it.

We can’t control others. Those who want to take advantage of you will do it one way or another. Our responsibility as Christians is to show kindness, compassion, generosity and faith that those people that need our help, and are asking us for a token of faith, whether or not that act of faith, is money, endorsement, etc.

Also, it is our responsibility to tell people that we believe in them. If they need a new opportunity, we need to tell them that we believe they will do their part. Do you remember one day when you needed somebody to believe in you? Well my friend, perhaps today is the day when someone else is in a huge need from you to believe in him or her…