VILLATORO: The spirit of God will guide you toward organization

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church

It happens in sports, it happens in politics, it happens in church, it happens in business, it happens in the school. It happens everywhere. Unorganized work is going to end up bad.

You see accidents in the kitchen; you see accidents in the workplace; you see accidents during surgery; you see accidents everywhere. Very unfortunate incidents happen with legal documents. Also, huge issues happen with bank accounts for that reason. Many misunderstandings; terrible fights between two good friends. And all that is because some people just don’t want to work extra hard to have things organized.

We have four seasons of the year. Every day the sun comes up, and in the night, we see the moon. Rivers flow from the mountains to the lakes and oceans. Nature is very well organized, but that didn’t happen on its own. There was someone who took the time to think about all those things and organize everything.

Would you like to find that special sweater that you love so much? Would you like to have rapid access to that tool that you need for that particular job? All that is possible when you have everything very well organized.

On the other hand, you know that you cannot rely on erratic people. Those who don’t know how to set up an alarm to come on time for an appointment, you don’t hate them, you simply just cannot depend on them.

Life is full of imperfections and many interruptions, but can you imagine the lack of organization on top of all that? You don’t want that kind of life.

The Spirit of God will guide you to be organized. Learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Do you know what is the beginning of wisdom? It is the fear of the Lord. That is priority. Therefore, everyone should go one day per week to worship God in person.

Everyone needs to rest that day, as well.

If you don’t learn to organize your own thoughts, if you refuse to organize your schedule, if you reject the idea of putting God first in your budget, how can you move, peacefully and well organized, forward in life? Think about your health. Your finances. Your family. Your descendants. Your future.

Organize your mind, and prioritize as well. Organize your life based on Bible principles. You can do it. Or … keep doing what you have done. The Lord God loves you anyway. Now, the results in your life, that, my friend, that’s material for a book.