VILLATORO: How to overcome obstacles in life

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church, Odessa

In this world it is impossible to NOT have problems.

Many people want to live a life without difficulties, where everything goes so smoothly and ducky. Isn’t it funny to hear that from someone? Well, regularly that statement comes from young people, inexperienced people, very innocent people, kids perhaps.

But, anyone finds out swiftly in life, that adversities are part of our existence. Simple things like breathing, eating, walking, speaking, hearing, etc., are very complex processes that occur in our bodies, and very often without us even thinking about it.

In fact, it is fascinating when you think about it, how the process of hearing works in you.

It is really sensational the series of mechanisms and innards involved in the functionality of the sense of hearing, just for exemplification.

Figuratively speaking, we want the banana already peeled. Even better, cut in pieces on a plate, with honey please. Make sure it is a ripe, sweet, soft banana. Thanks! Oh yes, of course, you can feed me, if you like …

The preceding paragraph illustrates the average thinking process on people. Maybe in you? I don’t know. I am being rhetorical. Nevertheless, the point is that a vast majority of people, mentally lean towards the pealed banana, rather than pealing it themselves.

How can those individuals possibly face the unpropitious factors on the road to attainment? To answer the question of “How to overcome obstacles in life?” there is a requisite that only a scant number of persons suffice: Being dexterous to master whatever the defier is.

Independent of the nature of your challenge, or your age, you will acquire the necessary knowledge for that, through the wisdom and comprehension of your mentor. Those without one are merely customers in this world. It is one’s privilege to be chosen by the Lord God Almighty. It is one’s great honor to become the protégé of the wiseman. My prayer today for you is that you will encounter, on a divine momentum, the treasure whose voice and guidance might lead you exceptionally.