GIAN, TELL ME: Who is the anti-Christ?

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

Who is the anti-Christ? Daniel W.

Dear Daniel: When we read the Scripture, things become clear.

“You have heard that the antichrist is coming. And now many antichrists are already here.” 1 John 2.18b

“So who is the liar? It is the one who says Jesus is not the Messiah. Whoever says that is antichrist the one who does not believe in the Father or in His Son.” 1 John 2.22

“Many false teachers are in the world now. They refuse to say that Jesus Christ came to earth and became a man. Anyone who refuses to accept this fact is a deceiver, a false teacher and antichrist.” 2 John 1.7

There are many other Scriptures, particularly in the book of Revelation, that I can present here, but with those three you can understand that anti-Christ is anything, and anyone, which or who is against Jesus, God the Father, The Holy Spirit, The Bible, The Church, The Truth, and The Love.

The obscure and evil forces of the darkness have, and will continue trying to deceive people, but The Word of God will bring light into the people who want to know the Truth in the Name of Jesus.

Your responsibility is initially to keep worshiping Jesus. Go to church. Keep your faith by reading The Bible. Keep your fellowship with other believers. Keep serving God. Keep faithful to God. Keep giving your contributions to The Lord in your local church. Keep praying. Keep the light of the Holy Spirit on in your heart, and be ready for the day He will take you to Heaven (it can happen any time).

And also, it is your responsibility to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with those who have not surrendered to Him yet, hoping for the miracle of their salvation. What really matters in life is ETERNITY. Do your part, my friend.

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