NUGGETS: Being Transformed: That God-shaped vacuum

By Jannie Linney

God made a place for you in Him! He made a place in Him in you. Nothing else will fill that place. He knew you before the world began. He formed you in your Mothers womb. You are not like anyone else !!! You are Unique, your Finger Prints, DNA, and Personality, are all who you are. You do not have to defend that. You do not need to do what others think, or act like anyone else to accomplish who you were created to be. You only have to please God.

God gave us an instruction book, called the Bible. Showing us What is our best way to do and live, for our own good. If we eat right, it’s better for our body and it brings life. If we drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, overeat and other things we know damages our body or kills our brain cells, it’s bad for our body. The Bible says, the wages of sin is death. We die a little bit every time we sin. Sin is all around us, and we don’t take authority over it. If we “Resist the Devil He will flee from us” [James 4:7] Wait! —That alone is enough, it is a command from the Bible, the Word of God! But it is just half of the sentence. Look at what it says first in that sentence, “Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.” [James 4:7]. Now that is something we don’t want to hear, we don’t want to bend, yield, or submit to any body or anything, except of course, the Government in taking shots, wearing mask and closing down churches. [Submitting in fear.] That is why some people can’t keep a job. They just don’t want to obey anyone, or punch a clock!

Satan has always tried to change our thinking to the opposite of what the Bible says.In Genesis, right after creation the devil asked Eve “Has God said? Causing doubt in her mind. The devil always twist the word just enough it will fool those who don’t know the word, but sounds true.

Today Satan is saying, “No one loves you.” “No one cares if you live or die” Are you really a girl?” “Are you really a boy?” God is the only person that knows all about you! He created you the way He wanted you to be. Sin distorts, twist and Mangles to the point things don’t stay the way God created it. Most of mankind believes what they see, not what the word of God says.

God Loves you so much He has a special Place for You!!! You will never fit anywhere else.

In order to find that place; we pursue the holiness that God’s word requires. There is to be adapting, adjustments and alignments. If you have been Born Again, You know that is just the beginning of our journey. God gives us some instructions if we want to be with Him forever.

Romans 12:1-2. Therefore “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercy of God, that ye Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

You present!! Holy and Acceptable!! Be not conformed!! Be ye Transformed!!

Adapt: which means to make suitable, or fit for a particular use, purpose or situation.

Adjust: to bring to a more satisfactory state. To Regulate, as to new conditions.

Aligned: Align with the word in agreement. With what God says and Against the influence of Satan. God has always, taught us through his word, to bring our thought pattern, into the way the Kingdom of God operates. Jesus paid the price, He will help you!!

True “Transformation” comes when we Repent and invite Him into our heart to fill that place He created for Himself in us! We will always have a void of discontent and restlessness until we yield to Him, nothing else will fill that “God Shaped Vacuum!”